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Positive Outcomes for Students with Dyslexia Since 1994   

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Designed to get children ages (K-8) reading & writing well and back into the school of their choice.

Home About us  Connections that Work Programs Admission & Registration FAQs

We are strong advocates for students, parents, educators, and policy makers on the necessity of improving literacy in our City, State, Nation, and across the World. We emphasize providing comprehensive research-based literacy education early to all students and adults who struggle with literacy is essential to increasing our City, State, Nation, and World’s educational outcomes.

Equally important is providing educators extensive, rigorous, and multidisciplinary training in the knowledge and practice of teaching the “3 Rs.”

After founding Alaskan organizations and working on legislation to assist in the vision, it is now time to provide the teachers with “feet on the ground” the training and interventions to remediate undeserved children. At this time we, are working on two projects we hope will be open in the next year.

Our outreach programs are under development. In the meantime, we have compiled a resource page to help parents and teachers learn cutting edge reading science now.

As founding president of the Alaska Branch of the International Dyslexia Association, Decoding Dyslexia Alaska, and The Alaska Reading Coalition, Posie uses every opportunity available to communicate that research about dyslexia and reading development that provides a critical base of knowledge to teachers in all aspects of literacy acquisition and instruction. Collaboration beyond all boundaries is the theme in our advocacy.

Our Advocacy Vision and Plans

Anchorage level advocacy

State level advocacy