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Positive Outcomes for Students with Dyslexia Since 1994   

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Designed to get children ages (K-8) reading & writing well and back into the school of their choice.

Why your child might benefit from our summer or school year program of study.

You want your child to have greater success in their normal academic environment but their challenges with language foundations have held them back.

Our summer or school year program is designed foster their strengths, enhance their confidence, self-esteem, independence, and generate  enthusiasm about their new academic successes built with our guidance and skill.  

Now more than ever before, we cannot leave learning to read fluently, automatically, with full comprehension to chance.

It is time to be dissatisfied with low reading proficiency for any student at any age. Decades of research have determined how learning to read changes the brain but unlike learning to speak must be directly taught. Reading does not occur in the same natural manner as speech does.

Our summer and school year programs are designed to take advantage of research showing the process of building a reading brain by teaching Structured Literacy preparing students to decode in a systematic and explicit manner. Their success fosters their strengths, enhance their reading confidence, self-esteem, independence, and generates enthusiasm about their new academic successes built with our guidance and skill.  

Six Week Summer Program
School Year Program

We are accepting registration for our 6 week summer program now. Summer programs are designed to intensively address reading gaps in time to show improvement and catch up before the next school year. On March 1st, 2021, we will start accepting applications for our school year program. The school year program is design to catch your student up while also addressing executive function skills to equip your student with tools for attention, critical thinking, and engagement in any class.